Best 5 SEO Courses in Vietnam with Placements

As the economy has liberalized in Vietnam in the past two to three decades, many new quasi-private or private enterprises are coming up in the Socialist Republic country of Vietnam. The same coupled with the country’s efforts to embrace the technological means to promote entrepreneurship has made the owners of different business and non-business websites adopt the practices of search engine optimization to thrive in the digital world. Hence, in recent times, various offline and online SEO courses in Vietnam have gained momentum and more and more students are opting for the same to enhance their career prospects.



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What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the era of digitalization, the internet contains a plethora of content for one specific keyword. When we put our keyword in the search bar, it is the responsibility of the search engine to align and rank various website content results in terms of their relevance to the given keyword.


These results can be organic i.e., unpaid results or paid results. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing use complex algorithms to determine which results should rank at the top of SERP. One major criterion to rank a website is the content quality of the given website page and another can be its user-friendliness or performance.


SEO or search engine optimization is a process that ensures a good website ranking by improving user experience, thereby, helping a website to rank and gather traffic. Research has shown that more than 90% of the content on search engines doesn’t get traffic at all, hence, website owners use SEO to make their websites or web content rank.


The prime role of SEO is to allow the search engines to understand the web content and present it to other users. It focuses majorly on organic or unpaid results than paid ones and indexes the contents as per relevance.


Why is there a Great Demand for SEO Courses in Vietnam?


In recent times, Vietnam is experiencing significant advancement in the field of industry information technology and education. Hence, digital marketing, the E-commerce industry, digitalization of informational content, and social media have gained prominence. More and more websites are trying to reach out to their users and customers by the means of their content.


Search engine optimization not only improves a website’s visibility but also helps companies and organizations to generate leads for marketing. This is a major reason why organizations are now hiring professionals trained in such kinds of jobs. With the modernization of education, students now prefer to pursue such skill-based professional courses to boost their careers.


Certifications in Digital marketing, content writing, technical content writing, and SEO have thus gained popularity. We are going to talk in detail about the course structure, learning outcomes, online and offline institutes, and the scope of SEO courses in Vietnam.


How does SEO Work?


Webmasters began to realize the importance of good ranking in SERP somewhere around the late 1990s. Initially, search engines had simplified criteria for ranking a website that depended heavily upon keyword density and backlinks. Hence, the website owners started manipulating their websites to rank better by overstuffing the content with keywords.


This had markedly reduced the user experience as search engines failed to provide relevant information to their users. Later, search engines started using even more complex algorithms to create rankings for web pages.


This has led to more complex SEO techniques that relied on other factors like the relevance of content, several backlinks and social media shares, and other content unrelated aspects of the website like the speed of the site, mobile friendliness, etc.


Search engine optimization is no more a simple process and involves multiple techniques to make a website rank. As organizations now find it necessary to hire an SEO professional, the demand for good institutions providing SEO courses in Vietnam online or offline mode too has increased manifold.


There Are Three Different Kinds of SEO Processes Performed by Webmasters.


1. On-page SEO

On-page SEO is often referred to as ‘On-site SEO’. It primarily deals with the optimization inside the web page. It is the most common practice adopted by website developers to rank. Some of the important steps for on-page SEO involve:


  • Keyword optimization: Keyword is the most important element to achieve visibility on page 1 of SERP. The success of the website is often determined by using the correct keyword. This might involve extensive keyword research. Some of the effective measures for keyword optimization include the use of long-tail keywords, maintaining optimum keyword density, use of an alternative keyword, etc.


  • Pertinent content: Writing good quality content along with its relevance to the viewers is another successful white hat measure to ensure better website ranking.


  • Meta descriptions: A brief description of the page located below the web site’s URL on SERP is known as a meta description. Such a description must contain the targeted keyword to enhance its efficacy as an On-Page SEO technique.


2. Off-Page SEO

Unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO focuses more on involving the factors outside the web page to help in the optimization process. Off-page SEO works on multiple platforms including other websites or social media. The main aim is to attract more and more customers or viewers through backlinking from other websites and the incorporation of social media to engage more and more audiences.


Some of the main off-page SEO strategies include:


  • Backlinks: When some other website or social media platform provides a link to your website inside its content, it’s known as backlinking. The process involves the integration of multiple factors. One of the most important ways to achieve more and more backlinks is to provide quality content on your website which is helpful for your users. For SEO prices both the number of backlinks and the quality of the site providing the backlinks matter.


  • Social Media Shares: Social media is the most engaging platform for content promotion these days. It is an effective means of engaging more and more audiences and results in high conversion rates apart from aiding in the SEO process.


3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with the factors apart from content to improve a website’s ranking. These are the common practices used by web developers to improve a website’s performance. It involves an operational aspect of the website such as crawlability, speed, or mobile-friendliness of a website.


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Types of SEO


White hat SEO is a method of achieving high website ranking using the guidelines laid down by search engines without attempting to trick them. Using white hat SEO techniques ensures a long-term website’s prominence and ranking.


The most important white hat technique includes creating good quality relevant content meant for users and not just for search engines. Other white hat strategies involve mobile-friendliness, HTML compliant content, optimum keyword density, well-structured and grammatically correct sentences, etc.


Black hat SEO is a method of achieving high ranking website using the means disapproved by search engines. These are focused on shortcuts to gain more traffic to the website, however, in the long run, search engines may penalize these websites or even blacklist them. Hence, black hat SEO techniques are not healthy in a long run and may even prove fatal for your website.


Some of the black hat techniques commonly utilized are, overstuffing of keywords, creating duplicate content, backlinking with irrelevant sites, cloaking i.e., creating a different page for search engines and viewers, using invisible text i.e., text with the same color as the background, or exploiting other loopholes in the search engine algorithms.


Using the means against the search engine guidelines to rank your website but escaping the penalty from the search engines at the same time are known as grey hat techniques. These websites might not be reprimanded by Google or other search engines but are not user-friendly either. Hence, such websites may lose traffic in the long run.


How to Find the Perfect SEO Courses in Vietnam?


Like getting enrolled in any professional courses, choosing a perfect institute for SEO courses in Vietnam can be a tricky job. You need to keep a few things in mind before getting yourself enrolled in one. These are, Consider the eligibility criteria mentioned by different institutes and choose the one which matches your profile.


Select the delivery mode you are comfortable with. COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in a great shift towards the online mode of teaching but as the curbs are being lifted SEO courses in Vietnam are delivered in both online and offline modes.


You need to ensure a good network zone and appropriate technological setup for online platforms while offline ones demand other considerations like feasibility of travel, the distance of the institute from your place, etc. Batch timings and duration of the course: before enrolling yourself in the course you need to make sure that the batch timings and duration of the course suit your schedule, especially if you are a working professional.


Feedback and reviews: You must go through the reviews on the institute’s websites and video testimonials available. You can also go for free demo sessions if provided. It gives a fairly good idea about the course highlights and the teaching techniques.


Many institutes offer a free demo session for all the courses they provide. Try to take feedback from someone of your friends and family who have pursued the course from the same institute you are considering.


Best 5 SEO Courses in Vietnam


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a global leader in professional skill development courses operating across 30+ countries. Already ranking at the top for its online courses, IIM skills are one of the best institutes for SEO courses in Vietnam. Along with the course content designed and approved by industry leaders, IIM Skills offers a full-fledged hands-on experience in practical applications and 100% placement assistance.


Advanced Search Engine Optimization courses with IIM skills offer detailed knowledge of  SEO with live virtual training, flexible batch timings, an internship with IIM Skills, and support for establishing your freelancing career.


SEO Course Structure 

The entire course is divided into nine modules covering every aspect of Search Engine Optimization. These modules are:

  • Module 1: Introduction to SEO
  • Module 2: Setting up of right Niche
  • Module 3:On-page SEO
  • Module 4:Off-Page SEO
  • Module 5: Technical SEO
  • Module 6: Search Console
  • Module 7: Google Analytics
  • Module 8: Reporting in SEO
  • Module 9: Bonus Module


Course Highlights 

  • 100% practical training
  • Hands-on practical training with two live projects
  • Free SEO tools worth 20k.
  • Paid internship
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Online support



Learning Outcomes 

  • In-depth understanding of Core SEO concepts including crawling, indexing, etc.
  • Key strategies for on-page SEO Like designing, structuring, and optimizing the web content
  • Detailed understanding of off-page and technical SEO.
  • Fundamentals of keyword research for website development
  • Link building
  • Up to date knowledge of changes in search engine algorithms
  • Knowledge and guidance on how to get a job or be a successful freelancer


Duration of the Course 

Course training for 4 weeks followed by Paid Internship for 8 weeks

Delivery Mode: Online live classes


Other courses at IIM Skills 


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. Global Edulink


Global Edulink is known worldwide for its state-of-the-art professional courses. The institute offers more than 800 accredited certifications in the area of science and technology, information technology, digital marketing, business, and finance. Search engine optimization (SEO) courses for businesses offer intensive learning of SEO and content marketing techniques for businesses growth.


Course Structure 

  • Module 1:Getting started
  • Module 2: Introduction to the course
  • Module 3: Definition of SEO
  • Module 4: Key points of SEO
  • Module 5: Understanding how search engines and people view web pages
  • Module 6:Identifying content strategies
  • Module 7: Link Building Strategies
  • Module 8:measuring the effectiveness of SEO
  • Module 9:SEO for Ecommerce
  • Module 10:Mobile SEO
  • Module 11: SEO for Business


Course Highlights 

  • 365 days of access to LMS
  • Course structure based on USA standards
  • Personalized learning experience
  • 24/7 live support over emails, phone, and chat
  • Placement assistance
  • The UK accredited certifications


Duration of the Course: 12 Months

Delivery Mode: Online


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3. Noble Prog AI Vietnam


Noble Prog is a multinational training organization providing world-class professional certifications in the field of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Statistics. It is also a reputed platform for offline SEO courses In Vietnam. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, Noble Prog has more than 13 offices across the globe including India and USA. Detailed coverage of SEO topics is provided under the Content management system (CMS) course and Digital marketing course.


Topics Covered 


Delivery Mode: Both On-site and online


4. Yoast SEO Academy


Yoast SEO Academy is known for its most famous Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress and its other contribution in the field of Search engine optimization worldwide. They also provide a Basic SEO course free of cost upon creating a free account. This course includes the basics of SEO, WordPress, and the free Yoast SEO plugin.


The premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin is provided with an All-Around SEO training Course from Yoast Academy along with a detailed study of SEO and related topics.


Course Coverage 

Basics of SEO Course

  • SEO training for beginners
  • WordPress for beginners
  • Training for the WordPress block editor
  • Access to SEO webinars
  • Free Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress


All Around SEO Training Course

  • All around SEO training
  • International SEO training
  • SEO training for Ecommerce
  • Keyword research
  • Technical SEO
  • Understanding of structural data
  • WordPress for beginners
  • Yoast SEO Premium Plugin


Course Highlights 

  • World-class SEO trainers
  • Practical training
  • Weekly assignments, quizzes for knowledge boost
  • Access to all new courses
  • Access to SEO related webinars and conference talks


Delivery mode: Online


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


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5. SEMrush Academy 


Semrush is a renowned content management system with 13 years of experience in the field serving more than 143 countries of the world. Apart from going for these SEO certification courses, you can also appear for some free online certification examinations for digital marketing and SEO.


Various SEO courses offered by Semrush Academy include:  


  • Semrush SEO Toolkit Courses

The course is meant to enhance your SEO skills with Semrush tools and comprises pf 14 lessons.


  • Growing Your SEO Agency With Semrush 

The course is specifically designed for digital marketing agencies who want to generate more SEO leads through SEMrush and comprises 7 lessons.


  • Content Led SEO 

This course is designed for individuals who want to bag rank 1 on SERP. It comprises of total 28 lessons designed by industry leaders.


This course is meant for digital marketers and those involved in content marketing. The course covers all the fundamentals of SEO.




Q. Who can pursue SEO courses in Vietnam?

SEO courses in Vietnam can be pursued by students, jobseekers, content writing agency owners, digital market agency owners, and even website owners to upgrade their web pages.


Q. How can I choose the best SEO course for myself?

Some institutes like SEMrush or Noble Prog AI provide SEO courses that are specific to certain fields like CMS or Digital marketing. Hence, you must choose the course as per your professional requirements.


Q. Are there any free SEO courses available for beginners?

Yes. Institutes like Yoast Academy and Semrush provide some basic SEO courses free of cost. As a beginner, you can enroll yourself in one of these.


Q. Are there any paid internships after completion of SEO certification?

Yes. IIM Skills offers a 100% paid internship for 8 weeks after completion of the SEO certification Course.




Vietnam is no more a backbencher in the field of artificial intelligence, IT, Digital marketing, or professional education. With the advent of globalization and liberalization, Vietnam’s economy is leaning towards the use of technology for marketing. SEO is the most important tool for the development of a website, which in this digital era forms the backbone of any business. It helps the organization survive in an extremely competitive world. The reason for the need for SEO courses in Vietnam lies in the ever-changing search engine algorithms leading to the need for detailed knowledge of SEO. Students, jobseekers, digital marketing agencies, and content managers are leaning toward SEO courses in Vietnam to excel in their respective fields.