4 Best Creative Writing Courses in Delhi With Certificates

In the present scenario, the scope of creative writing is not limited to simply penning down your thoughts and feelings, one can make an astounding career out of it. What essentially does a person needs to do for making a successful career out of writing? An aspiring writer should know what exactly he or she needs to write. Furthermore, he or she should know certain technicalities associated with writing and should have a proper understanding of the target audience. There are many institutes that offer various courses and intensive training on all these aspects associated with creative writing. In this article, we would discuss the 4 best creative writing courses in Delhi.


List of best creative writing courses in Delhi


Creative Writing- What Does it Mean?


Before looking into the various creative writing courses in Delhi, it becomes explicitly important to understand what essentially creative writing is. It is a well-known fact that every person has a certain amount of creativity as well as imagination to perceive things around them.


Creative writing is all about utilizing his/her imaginative caliber in writing and giving a smooth flow to their ideas and perspectives. However, one should understand the difference between creative writing and academic writing. In academic writing, a person is bound by rules which are mandatory to follow.


For instance, while writing an academic answer, one should be cautious of the word limit, the language, the overall structure of the answer, the choice of words and phrases, and so on and so forth. But when it comes to creative writing, a person can add his own creative endowment by going beyond the set boundaries while writing. Hence, creative writing is more of a personal and expressive form of writing.


Different Types of Creative Writing


As per our understanding, creative writing can include any sort of writing which is reflective as well as expressive of an individual. Bound by no such traditional rules of writing, creative writing may be of any genre, provided it should be original. Before looking into the various creative writing courses in Delhi, let us understand the different genres a person can try his hands on when it comes to writing. There are different genres of creative writing which are mentioned below-


  • Poems,
  • Novels,
  • Short-stories,
  • Lyrics,
  • Personal diaries
  • Biographies,
  • Essays and Observations,
  • Non-fictional writings,
  • Novellas,
  • Plays and scripts,
  • Speeches,


Characteristics of Creative Writing


It is understood that writing something using the imaginative as well as creative proves is not everyone’s cup of tea. The first and foremost characteristic of creative writing is the fact that a person needs to develop a taste or a desire for writing. A person should enjoy the process of writing and enhance his or her skills of writing.


In order to create new ideas or pieces of writing consistently, a person should be dedicated to writing. He should put in his efforts to develop the skills of writing. For writing creatively, a person should have proper knowledge of rhetoric in order to appeal to his readers. He should use language in such a manner that his target audience should get the proper idea of what the writer is intending to say.


Word selection and sentences used in writing determine the quality of writing. In order to create a good piece of writing, the writer must choose his words and sentences wisely to bring out the proper essence of the abstract concept he has in his mind. Mostly in creative writing, the sentences are short and are written in an active voice. The idea should be clear in the mind of the writer in order to pen it down on paper.


Elements of Creative Writing


For initiating creative writing, one must be clear with the major elements associated with creatine writing. What are these elements, and how are these elements relevant when it comes to creating meaningful content? The answers to these questions are discussed in detail further in the article below.


The key elements of creative writing are-

  • Syntax,
  • Diction,
  • Theme or the central idea.


Syntax is essentially how a sentence is formed- how are the words arranged in a particular sentence? Subject-verb is the general syntax that is followed. However, to suit the idea of the writer, he might include words in different senses to connotate a particular idea. Diction in any piece of writing is the choice of words.


To produce good content, the writer must choose appropriate words to suit the context properly. The words used in the writing should be such that the target audience is able to comprehend the idea the writer is trying to convey. The theme is generally the central idea that the writer has in mind.


The writer should be clear as to what exactly he or she wants to write. Whether he wants to write a poem, a short story, or any general observation, should be decided upon. If the theme or what we say in layman’s language the topic is not clear, it would become very difficult for the writer to produce any meaningful content.


How to Produce Good Creative Writing


It is should be known that there is no set definition of what constitutes “excellent” creative writing. As discussed above, the term suggests an inventive process that is developed by the individual with all of their idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. There will never be a general description to define the “ideal” piece of creative writing because it does not fit into any certain genre. However, there are certain aspects that one should keep in mind to create an impressive piece of writing.


  • Understand your audience- Knowing your audience is essential to truly tailor your writing and connecting with them. Therefore, before starting to write, a creative writer should choose his or her target audience. With this in mind, your work will inevitably start to take shape and flow in a way that appears right to your audience.


  • Write About Things You Have Knowledge Of- The finest stories are frequently those that we can relate to and connect to in some manner with our own experiences. Or, they may be tales that look so true to life that you might believe they are based on the author’s personal experiences. This does not mean that you have to write about your own life in its entirety, but you should use your knowledge to add to the credibility and authenticity of the piece of writing.


  • Think and Imagine- The absence of guidelines or definitions for “how” to write is one of the wonderful aspects of creative writing. It is a lot more individualized genre that mainly depends on your personal perceptions. So, use all your imaginative capabilities to see what you can come up with as a consequence and where could your writing finally lead to.


Since Delhi is such a popular metropolitan city, you can find various in-demand courses here:


Institutes Offering Creative Writing Courses in Delhi


After having an explicit understanding of what essentially creative writing is, and what are its characteristics and its elements are, let us look into various institutes offering creative writing courses in Delhi. Writing creatively comes naturally to a person but the skills in order to refine the writing can be learned.


Let us dive into the details of various institutes, well-suited to learning the skills to become an efficient creative writer.


1. IIM Skills-


The Content Writing Master Course offered by IIM Skills is one of the most preferred courses when it comes to learning the basic skills of writing. This course offers 4 weeks of Live Classroom Lectures on diverse aspects of creative writing. Also, 3 months of guaranteed internship with flexible working hours is promised by IIM Skills.


They have an exceptional internship program that allows the students to publish their work on renowned platforms that will immensely help them to make their presence and build a good portfolio. They continuously provide feedback on the work of the students to make them keep refining their skills.


They put all the effort to make the students comfortable and end up clearing all their doubts so that they can easily land their dream jobs or rewarding career. Overall, the total duration of the course is 30 hours which is divided into 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of rigorous internship hours. After successful completion of the course, the students are awarded a certificate and proper assistance with regard to placements.


Name of the Course- Content Writing Course

Duration– 3 months

Price– 14900 + 18% GST



Features of the Course-

The students enrolled in the course get the following benefits-

  • Access to tools worth Rs. 35000 is essential to create original content.
  • Guaranteed internship with flexible working hours.
  • Assistance in launching one’s own creative writing agency.
  • Lifelong support for the enrolled candidates with respect to consultancy and technicality.
  • Proper assistance in developing the portfolio for the freshers as well as freelancers.
  • Opportunity to publish your first eBook.
  • Opportunity to write and publish blogs for well-known platforms such as Times of India.
  • Master Certificate awarded on successful completion of the course which makes the resume way more appealing.
  • Ranked students get hired by well-known agencies and Media houses.


If you are looking for creative writing courses in Delhi, the Content Writing Master Course offered by IIM Skills is one of the most luring options for you.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite




A branch of the Sri Aurobindo Society, the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) is a multidisciplinary center for public communication and the arts. SACAC, which was established in 2003, aims to develop future industry experts who can think independently, act deliberately, and speak persuasively.


They are firmly convinced that free, innovative, and responsible media can help create a diverse, vibrant, and just society. The foundation of the SACAC curriculum is a carefully considered blend of theory and practice that will support every learner in their future efforts to express themselves creatively with the aid of conceptual and technical skill sets.


This vision can be seen in the previous successful students who had achieved in a variety of career disciplines like marketing, public relations, photography, cinematography, and sound design. They ensure that each learner begins their quest with the highest confidence.


SACAC students are given limitless opportunities, thanks to an interactive strategy involving professionals from business and academia. Hence, it is one of the most preferred institutions offering creative writing courses in Delhi.


Name of the Course- Certificate Course in Creative Writing

Duration– 3 months

Fees– 22000+ Application Service Tax


Features of the Course-

  • The students getting enrolled in the course would learn to shape their imagination as well as creative potentiality.
  • The course offers the enrolled students a comprehensive understanding of the different types of writing.
  • The students enrolled would also learn how to get better creative ideas for writing.
  • The course will push the capabilities of the students and push them to try their hands at writing different stories.
  • This course will also help the enrolled students improve their communication skills.


This particular Certificate Course in Creative Writing offered by SACAC has a lot in store for those interested in learning skills needed for writing creatively. Since the seats are limited, the applicants have to appear for an entrance test. This makes it way more refined creative writing courses in Delhi.


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3. Udemy


Another well-suited platform for providing online training courses in learning the skills of creative writing is Udemy. Udemy has a plethora of courses pertaining to creative writing. Interested students can select any course from anywhere and anytime. The courses offered by Udemy are quite affordable and can be completed at the convenience of the enrolled individual.


Name of the Course- Any topic related to content writing.

Duration– 3 to 30 hours

Price– Depends on the topic.


Features of the course-

  • The interested individual can select the language of the course as per his preference.
  • The courses come with appropriate subtitles, quizzes, and assignments for the enrolled person to practice.
  • The interested individuals can choose their levels of learning, for instance, they can choose either the beginner, intermediate or advanced level of learning as per their knowledge of the selected topic.
  • The courses offered are 3-30 hours long, depending on the topic. Those enrolled have lifetime access to the lectures.


Udemy is thus regarded as one of the preferred options when considering creative writing courses in Delhi. one can visit the website and get a detailed idea of the courses.


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IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


4. Newcent Training Academy


A professional training institute that provides training in creative writing is Newcent Training Academy in Delhi. It offers a number of short courses focused on professional skills. While certain courses at Newcent Training Academy are provided in-person in specific places, the majority are offered online.


Their courses are current, simple to comprehend, and thoroughly researched. Their primary motivation for offering distance learning programs is to keep the costs cheap and accessible so they can enroll a larger proportion of students. Their programs are affordable without sacrificing effectiveness or quality.


Name of the Course- Diploma in Content Writing

Duration– 8 weeks

Price– 15000/-


Features of the Course-

  • The enrolled learners get a comprehensive idea about different types of content- articles, blogs, creative writing, SEO Content, SMO Content, and so on and so forth.
  • The course would encourage the students to read more before penning their ideas down.
  • The certificate adds to the resume of the candidates.


One can consider Newcent Training Academy if interested in joining creative writing courses in Delhi.


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1. Can creative writing be learned?

A person usually has certain creativity within. What he needs is proper guidance to use his creativity in a better way to express his ideas, thoughts, and emotions. So, the skills needed for writing can be learned. We have discussed certain creative writing courses in Delhi above. One can look up for those courses to suit their needs.


2. Are the creative writing courses online?

Yes, most of the institutes offering creative writing courses in Delhi are online. One can learn the skills anytime, anywhere.


3. Is creative writing and academic writing the same?

When it comes to creative writing, there are no such hard and fast rules to be followed. One should write in correct syntax with clarity of thoughts and ideas. In academic writing, there is a certain way to proceed with writing- say having a proper introduction, body, and conclusion, use of academic language, etc. Hence, in certain aspects, creative writing differs from academic writing.




So far, we have discussed what creative writing is, and what are its features and elements. Creativity is something that comes naturally to a person. But skills for proper creative writing can be learned through proper training and guidance. The article has a list of the 4 best creative writing courses in Delhi. to enhance your skills, to express yourself in an efficient yet appealing manner, one can look up to any of the above-mentioned institutes.