Top 9 Investment Banking Courses in Finland

Investment banking is one of the most intricate and significant financial systems in the world as it encompasses a range of financial services, including activities like independently trading securities, engaging in leveraged finance, restructuring, and managing new issues like Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), all of which cater to both corporate and governmental needs. Due to this ambit of services included under investment banking, it becomes one of the most lucrative careers in the global scenario providing a wide range of career prospects for aspiring learners. This article is therefore an attempt to enlist the top 9 investment banking courses in Finland for aspiring individuals to provide them with the best available options in and around Finland and help them develop the most optimal career option.


Before heading on to the list of Top Investment Banking Courses in Finland, let us first look into why one should even consider Finland for studying such a course. Let us get all the answers to the confusion of every learner and help them navigate their future goals.

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Reasons to Study in Finland

Finland is one of the most distinguished countries when it comes to its education system. This is not only because of the renowned universities and vast areas of study available but also due to its attractive world rankings. Here are some of the rankings of Finland which will surely excite you to pack your bags, board a flight to Finland, and enroll on a course for the best career opportunities –

No. 1 in the World Education Ranking

  1. Finland
  2. Switzerland
  3. Singapore
  4. Norway

No. 12 in the World Ease of Doing Business Ranking

  1. Switzerland
  2. Ireland
  3. Finland
  4. Germany
  5. Norway

No. 12 in the World Economy Ranking

  1. Ireland
  2. Germany
  3. Finland
  4. United States
  5. New Zealand

No. 11 in the World Safety Ranking

  1. Denmark
  2. Iceland
  3. Finland
  4. Sweden
  5. Switzerland

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Finland is Also Known for Its High-quality Education System Due to Several Other Factors Such as –

  • Highly qualified teachers – the teaching system in Finland is top notch and the teaching profession is highly competitive. Teachers are given rigorous training and are highly-respectable thus making study in Finland impressive.
  • Global High-rankings – Finland is considered one of the best spots for education as it consistently maintains a high ranking in the education sector. The country therefore places high value on its education system.
  • Educational reforms – Finland has carried out several educational reforms consistently which are evidence-based, thus improving the quality of the education system in the country.
  • Safe learning environment –  students in Finland are provided with the safest study environment to allow them to learn and grow in the best way possible.

Now, Before diving into the list of best and top-rated institutions providing Investment Banking courses in Finland, it is first essential to throw light on the how and why of investment courses, and the major advantages and benefits of enrolling in one such course for avid learners.

Benefits of Enrolling In An Investment Banking Course

Investment Banking, as one of the most unique branches of Banking, assists an individual or any organization to raise funds for their business in addition to also providing them with financial consulting services. An investment banking course offers the learner specialized knowledge in global investment banking, financial markets, and managing risks.

Employment opportunities in the investment banking operations sector have seen a steady increase in the past few years and with such exponential growth in the field, the job prospects are projected to rise to even greater heights in the coming years.

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Thus, with such growth rates, some of the major benefits of an Investment Banking Course can be listed as –

Skill Development:

With the world developing significantly in the financial sector, skills such as financial analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving, all offered in an investment banking course are highly valuable skills in the banking sector.

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Enhanced Career Opportunities:

An investment baking course is one of the most lucrative options to go for when it comes to grabbing employment opportunities. The course opens an endless door of opportunities for the learner in the ever-growing sector of financial markets.

Perhaps the most common and beneficial path to choose after completing an Investment Banking Course is to take a job in private equity or a hedge fund. Other valuable jobs include financial consulting, corporate finance, advisory for corporates, entrepreneurship, or start-ups.

High Credibility and Recognition in the Market:

Completing and receiving a certification of a highly credible course in investment banking can enhance one’s credibility and can lead to higher recognition in the banking sector, therefore, optimizing one’s career avenues.

Gaining Practical Experience:

Generally, investment banking courses provide learners with real-life case studies, simulations, and internships, thus imparting them with real-world knowledge of the banking domain. This sets the learner apart from the crowd and helps him/her to be able to be completely equipped to enter into the challenging banking business.

An Edge in Understanding Market Trends:

The vast array of syllabi included as a part of the investment banking course and the structured approach followed in most of these courses allows the learner to gain the most specialized knowledge on analyzing market trends, financial products, and risk management strategies, all important for achieving a success in the investment banking career path.

After understanding the benefits of joining and developing a career out of an Investment Banking course, let us now dig right into the list of Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Finland to help readers find the most suitable options for and build a profitable career in the Banking sector. Here is a list of top universities offering investment banking courses in Finland.

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List of Top 9 Investment Banking Courses in Finland



IIM SKILLS, serving since 2015 and recognized by the MSME Government of India, is one of the world’s fastest-growing Ed-tech companies catering to several fields such as finance, marketing, data, and other educational domains.

IIM SKILLS is a good option for students looking for investment banking courses in Finland as it breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized actionable tips making it easy for the layman to understand every concept with clarity.


The courses are informative and thought-provoking and are bound to exceed students’ expectations. Some important details about the IIM SKILLS Certified Investment Banking Course are –

  • An overview of MS PowerPoint and MS Excel, including familiarization with the Ribbon interface, is provided.
  • Additionally, foundational knowledge of financial systems is covered, encompassing various financial markets like primary and secondary markets, as well as capital and money markets.
  • The course also explores participants in these markets, regulatory bodies, stock exchanges, and major financial hubs.
  • Introduction to Derivatives, Forwards, Futures and Options
  • Overview of Investment Banking, role and types of Investment Banks and Bankers
  • IIM SKILLS Master Investment Banking Certification is Recognized by the MSME Govt of India.
  • The perpetual advantage of having unrestricted access to comprehensive learning materials and recorded content through the Learning Management System (LMS).


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Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirement – anyone interested in the course can join. Irrespective, students with the following qualifications and skills would be beneficial – A bachelor’s degree in BBA, commerce, or a related field, solid readiness to work in the investment banking industry, and basic knowledge of finance and statistics.
  • Course Duration – 2 months
  • Tuition Fee – INR 39,900 + 18% GST

Contact Details

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


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2. University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa is widely known for its soundness in Business-related fields and offers courses that cover investment banking principles, financial analysis, corporate finance, or capital markets.

These courses provide students with a solid foundational understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, valuation methods, and financial modeling, all of which are essential as a part of investment banking. Some major prospects of the program are –

  • The program is the only Master in Finance that is EFMD-programme (European Foundation for Management Development) accredited in Finland, the second CFA-affiliated Finance program in Finland, and the fourth CFA-affiliated Finance program in Nordic countries. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a worldwide organization of investment experts that establishes the benchmark for professional achievement and manages the esteemed CFA charter, widely regarded as the gold standard in the industry.
  • The students enrolled in the finance course have access to the Bloomberg Lab which gives real-world trading room situations to the students. The program enables students to perceive and assess live financial market information while providing insights into the intricacies and interconnected nature of global financial markets.
  • Ultimately, it furnishes students with essential resources to make informed decisions and tackle challenges. Additionally, students will acquire knowledge of analytical strategies and techniques for examining financial data.

Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirements – high school diploma, a certificate from a vocational secondary education program, or a bachelor’s degree.
  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Tuition Fee – EUR 10,000-12,000 / academic year

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3. Aalto University

The Finance Master’s Program at Aalto University provides an intriguing curriculum that spans several areas, including corporate finance, alternative investment, mergers and acquisitions, behavioral finance, sustainability, fixed income, entrepreneurial finance, fintech, and financial econometrics.

Students also have the opportunity to select additional studies from various disciplines like economics, accounting, analytics, and data science.

The University offers one of the top investment banking courses in Finland which promises to deliver foundational knowledge, not only about how corporations raise funds but also about broader global issues – such as sustainability and climate change – within the financial realm and even beyond.

The finance sector needs to be more vigilant about overall systemic risks, conflicts of interest, and regulatory hurdles. To address these challenges, the program imparts extensive theoretical understanding and practical skills. Finance graduates will acquire:

  • In-depth understanding – They will grasp the characteristics of capital markets alongside models and principles concerning corporate finance and investment choices.Analytical skill set – Graduates will be able to analyze corporate risk factors and evaluate the value of, e.g., derivative instruments using sophisticated quantitative models.
  • Advanced managerial abilities – Graduates will showcase their ability to work both independently and collaboratively, thanks to their polished skills in business communication and leadership.
  • Driven mindset – Graduates will find motivation and personal growth in competitive settings, considering them as challenging and beneficial for both themselves and the broader world.
  • Abundant career prospects – Graduates are extensively sought after, nationally and internationally, as highly desirable employees.
  • Proficiency in applying analytical reasoning and financial instruments in both strategic corporate decisions (like mergers and acquisitions) and routine management tasks (such as portfolio and risk management) will be a hallmark of these graduates.

Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirements – Secondary school certificate or equivalent entrance examination.
  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Tuition Fee – EUR 12,000 / academic year


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4. Oulu Business School

Oulu Business School is a globally accredited institute for economic sciences by AACSB, providing outstanding prospects to explore various key areas within business and economics through its educational and research programs.

Combined with the international and inspiring atmosphere and diverse teaching methods, students gain prestigious university degrees and the skills to succeed in future business life. Details about the Master’s program in Finance at Oulu Business School are mentioned below –

  • Master’s in Finance at Oulu Business School entails essential core modules of finance covering foundational theories, mathematical approaches, and research methodologies.
  • Beyond these basics, the curriculum delves into contemporary subjects and emerging trends of investment banking, encompassing areas like green financing, crowdfunding, banking regulations, and evolving market dynamics thus giving a comprehensive and detailed understanding to its learners. Students receive specialized insights into investor behavior, a focal point of finance research at the Oulu Business School.
  • Research initiatives involve examining the rationality of investors’ decision-making within established financial models, identifying potential deviations from these models, and creating new theoretical frameworks to comprehend seemingly irrational behaviors.
  • An increasingly prominent aspect of this program is the consideration of social and environmental responsibility in investor behavior. This involves supporting initiatives addressing global challenges like climate change.

Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirement – Secondary school certificate, or equivalent, and selection according to entrance examination results.
  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Tuition Fee – EUR 12,000 / academic year


5. University of Jyvaskyla

The University of Jyväskylä stands as a prominent research institution both nationally and globally, specializing in education and the natural sciences. It merges extensive expertise in these fields, offering a high level of competence in education and natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as in economics and business administration, into a multidisciplinary entity.

  • The Master’s Degree Programme in Banking and International Finance (BIF) at the University of Jyvaskyla provides an interdisciplinary approach and a strong quantitatively oriented background preparing students to excel as professionals in financial markets, banking, and related roles in economics and finance that demand strong analytical skills.
  • This program encompasses specialized coursework in Banking and International Finance, alongside communication and language studies, complemented by elective courses.
  • The curriculum includes a Master’s thesis and specialized courses focusing on essential economic, financial, and accounting principles, creating a distinctive blend of expertise necessary for these professional roles.


Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirement – Secondary school certificate or foreign equivalent, and entrance examination results.
  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Tuition Fee – EUR 10,000 / academic year


6. Hanken School of Economics

Master’s Programme in Finance at Hanken School of Economics helps students develop skills in finance and enhance their capabilities to pursue a successful career in Investment management or corporate financial management. The Finance program of the Hanken School of Economics focuses on the aforementioned core areas and developing key competencies such as:

  • A comprehensive grasp of core principles in financial economics, exploring the operations of financial markets and their impact on resource distribution in the global economy.
  • Acquiring expertise in asset valuation, risk management, wealth management, derivative pricing, and corporate finance.
  • Developing robust analytical and communication proficiencies is crucial for both business and academic paths.
  • Enhanced research skills are vital for those aiming for advanced studies at the doctoral level.
  • Gaining insight into sustainability and ethical conduct.
  • Students enrolled under the Master’s Programme in Finance at Hanken School of Business also have the opportunity to top up their degree with the QTEM certificate (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management).
  • This opportunity therefore allows the learner to earn a degree within a network of leading business schools and corporate partners.

Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirement – BSc: Secondary school certificate or equivalent and entrance examination; MSc: BSc degree, language proficiency, and documented ability to conduct MSc-level studies; Executive MBA: BSc degree, language proficiency.
  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Tuition Fee – EUR 12,500 / academic year


7. University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

UEF Business School is one the renowned institutions offering to educate business experts with diverse talent and versatile career opportunities. The university offers an innovative learning environment, which encourages life-long learning.

The programs offered are known for their innovative pedagogy, such as arts-based teaching, collaborative inquiry, flipped classroom approach, and drama education.

The university is also open to flexible learning environments and opportunities to choose between contact lessons and distance learning options. Students can choose their minor studies freely and thereby design the structure of their program the way they prefer. Details about the Finance course offered by UEF are mentioned below –


  • The Master of Science (MSc) program in Accounting and Finance is designed to provide students with a curriculum that combines advanced-level accounting practices, financial analysis techniques, and finance.
  • The program also prepares students to address and analyze the evolving challenges and opportunities in the financial sector, where sustainability and AI play increasingly major roles.
  • Students delve into the fundamental theories underpinning accounting and finance, simultaneously examining how sustainable approaches and AI-powered tactics can enhance financial outcomes, reduce risks, and encourage conscientious decision-making.
  • Students learn to utilize advanced tools and analytical methods, such as those applying artificial intelligence in financial analysis and decision-making. They will also gain hands-on experience in financial modeling, data analysis, and forecasting techniques.

Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirement – Secondary school certificate or equivalent, and entrance examination.
  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Tuition Fee – EU/EEA nationals have no tuition fee; non-EU/EEA nationals have EUR 10,000 / academic year.


8. Udemy

Apart from the courses mentioned above from deemed universities of Finland, one can also go for a comprehensive Online Investment Banking Course as it allows the learner to study at one’s own pace and convenience.

In this regard, Udemy is a popular online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on diverse subjects. Udemy ranks at the top list that offers the best Investment Banking Courses in Finland. In this course, students will learn –

  • Investment banking distinctions exist between buy-side and sell-side activities, differing from the operations of commercial banks. Buy-side involves managing funds for entities like hedge funds and pension funds, while the sell-side involves services offered by brokers and dealers.
  • Sales and trading, equity research, raising capital through IPOs, underwriting, and market-making are key functions within investment banking. Mergers and acquisitions advisory, pitch-book creation, reorganizations, and restructuring are additional integral aspects.
  • The configuration of an investment bank involves various facets such as trading derivatives, risk management, and other operational structures.


Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirement – anyone with a Basic understanding of accounting, finance, and investment banking can join this course. No qualifications or degree required.
  • Course Duration – 81 lectures, 10 hours of on-demand self-paced videos
  • Tuition Fee – INR 449


9. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a reputed Indian educational institute that offers various professional courses, including programs focused on the banking and financial services sector. They provide training in collaboration with industry experts and aim to bridge the gap between academia and the skills required in the industry.

For banking courses specifically, Imarticus offers a range of programs covering different aspects of the banking and financial sector, such as Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Financial Analysis, and Risk Management, among others.

Some Key Features and Highlights of Imarticus Learning’s Certified Investment Banking Operations Course Are –

  • Introduction to Financial Markets – Understanding the Financial Market Landscape, Typical elements of the Financial Market, and getting Insight into different Financial Instruments.
  • Risk Management – Understanding regulatory frameworks applicable in the Investment Banking domain and Implications of Regulatory Framework in Investment Banking Operations and fundamentals of Risk Management.
  • Trade Life Cycle – Building a basic foundational understanding of Trade-Life-Cycle, mastering frameworks associated with KYC and anti-money laundering and processes involved in settlement and reconciliation.

Other Relevant Details –

  • Admission Requirement – for Finance Graduates with 0-3 years of experience
  • Course Duration – 2-month program for weekdays, 3 months program for weekend batches, 150+ hours of sessions.
  • Tuition Fee – INR 1,40,000



1. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in Investment Banking Courses in Finland?

Prerequisites vary but generally include a relevant undergraduate degree in finance, economics, or a related field. Some programs may require proficiency in certain quantitative skills.

2. Are there specific universities or institutions renowned for their Investment Banking Courses in Finland?

Yes, some notable universities in Finland offering strong investment banking courses include the University of Jyväskylä, Aalto University, and the Hanken School of Economics.

3. Do these courses include practical training or internships in financial institutions?

Many courses offer internships or practical components, providing students with hands-on experience in financial institutions.

4. What career opportunities are available after completing investment banking courses in Finland?

Graduates can pursue roles in investment banking, financial analysis, corporate finance, asset management, consulting, or related fields.

5. Can international students apply for these courses, and are there any specific requirements for them?

Yes, international students can apply. Specific requirements might include proof of language proficiency and meeting academic qualifications.

6. What are the key subjects or modules covered in investment banking courses in Finland?

Investment Banking Courses in Finland typically cover financial economics, asset valuation, risk management, corporate finance, financial markets, and related quantitative and analytical skills.

In Conclusion

It can be safely said that the Investment Banking Courses in Finland provide a perfect blend of academic excellence, industry relevance, and a holistic approach to financial education. Finland’s commitment to innovation, a robust education system, and a collaborative business environment further enhance the value of pursuing such finance-related courses in the country.

As the country continues to foster a reputation for quality education and a progressive financial sector, investment banking courses here stand as a gateway for aspiring professionals to gain the necessary expertise and competitive edge in the world of finance as well as build a profitable career in the finance sector.

So, are you ready to begin a high-value journey towards the path of Finance? Discover the opportunities offered by highly deemed universities under investment banking courses in Finland. Explore the diverse programs and seize the chance to shape your future in the dynamic world of investment banking! Happy Learning!