Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Singapore

The invention of writing has been a defining moment in the evolution of human civilization. Writing has been one of the most significant modes of communication available to us for expressing our thoughts, visions, and beliefs with each other. Across the ages of history, as writing evolved as a skill, a man started experimenting with different types of writing materials and tools, and thus developed the many styles of writing. As writing styles continue to evolve, today in the millennial world,  people seemed to be intrigued and fascinated by the new catchword – creative writing. As a result of this, many creative writing courses in Singapore are providing training to make people skilled.


List of best creative writing courses in Singapore


What is Creative Writing?


In simple words, creative writing can be explained as the art of essaying your imaginative thoughts creatively. It is how best one can craft and beautifully play with words or sentences. Some people possess the gift to write what attracts their audience’s attention, while others go through structured courses to pick up the nuances of the trait.


The ideation of any creative writing is inspired by mundane things but its value is enhanced by its presentation style which would makes it stand out. The niche of a creative writer, therefore, dwells in the individual’s ability to uniquely narrate an article as a story while keeping in mind the target audience.


Types of Creative Writing


Creative writing has been around in many forms and styles for quite some time. However, the invention of the typewriter in the late 19th century gave a boost to the growth of creative writing. Although, in earlier times, poetry was considered one of the first forms of creative writing, however as times evolved and writers were influenced by their immediate surroundings and society, that was eventually reflected in the writing; giving rise to many other forms and styles of creative writing.


Through its journey so far, creative writing has undergone many experimentations, permutations, and combinations; often being subjected to a change in writing material or tools, or style of writing. For a considerable time in the past, people were used to the comfort of using paper as the most useful material for writing, until the internet came knocking.


Now, with the boom in the internet and technology, the art of creative writing has reached out to a new platform, with a diverse range of areas where writing skills are required to increase the target audience base to more successful careers for creative writers as akin to a decade ago.


Even though there has been an upsurge in the creative writing market due to the internet, there are still some writing styles from the past which are still in vogue. Only the look and feel have changed since we are used to reading them from an online platform rather than a copy or a book.


Let Us Understand the Types of Writing That Are Predominantly Trending in Creative Writing.


1. Poetry Writing

This has been one of the oldest forms of creative writing styles. It will not be out of place to consider this as the foundation of most of the writing styles that are in use today. Most of the writing from history discusses epics being written in rhythmic verses describing a story or anecdote of that era. It is still holding on to its fort despite stiff competition from new emerging styles of writing.


2. Fiction Writing

This style of writing mostly deals with composing imaginative narratives which may or may not have any factual bearing on the real world. In this, the writer conveys his viewpoint to the audience by creating a web of words around a pseudo-real world. This genre of writing has many varied types depending on the structure, format, or number of words such as novels, short stories, screenwriting, etc.


3. Non-fiction Writing

In contrast, non-fiction is a more generalized form of writing which includes any written content that does not have any imaginative narrative to it. They are mostly rooted in the assumption of hard facts. Often the such type of style can be written for informative or instructional benefit. Being a fact-based writing style, these can be presented either objectively or subjectively in various literary types such as educational books on various subjects, biographies, academic papers, journal articles, etc.


In the last few years, another offshoot of this style that is gaining momentum is creative non-fiction writing, which is written on the same premise of factually accurate information as non-fiction writing. But it is different in the sense that here writer projects the same information in a more dramatized way as if narrating a story to the reader.


Thus, this uses the creativity of crafting the article from fiction writing while sticking to the baseline of using hard facts as in usual non-fiction writing. Most biographies, news articles, editorial columns, magazine articles, personal essays, diary writing, memoirs, etc. come under this style of writing.


4. Screenwriting

Also known as scriptwriting, this form of writing is very similar to friction writing, especially when writing a novel. But the only addition is here the entire story is divided into different sub-structures describing more in-depth the characters, the environment, and the plot. The narratives are also in direct speech with dialogues mentioning the conversations between the different characters as well as their expressions being tagged here. Due to the detailed structure of this writing, it is mostly used in movies, theatre acts, plays, television dramas, or web series.


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Apart From the Aforementioned List, Some of the More Trending Writing Styles That Have Been Predominantly in Use in the Business World Are Listed Below.


1. Content Writing


Nowadays, since the internet has become an integral part of our lives, companies have started using the internet for their marketing practices to penetrate the lives of their customers. Hence, most companies have replaced their regular advertising & marketing practices with digital marketing methods, which has become the new norm in the corporate world.


There are various attributes of digital marketing, one of which is content writing. With the world shrinking to the size of a smartphone, consumers have been more aware and conscious than ever before. Therefore, content is the only niche that can be used by corporate big-wigs to allure customers. Going by the famous saying Content is King,  it has become essential to drive marketing and advertising with good content.


Hence, the need for content writers across various industries has been on the rise. Broadly understood as content writing, there are a variety of sub-categories that are unfolded under content writing such as press releases, copywriting, report writing, social media content, SEO content, business writing like sales proposals, memos, reports, and other web content articles.


Singapore’s market has been booming with opportunities for writers. One can check on creative writing courses in Singapore who is aspiring for a lucrative job in the content writing industry.


2. Blogging


Initially, blogging started as an online diary entry open for the public to read and comment on. With passing years, it has changed styles from informal to semi-formal and has been used not only for individuals posting personal information but also by companies sharing business information.


The range of information found on a blog ranges from travelogues, food journals, restaurant reviews, recommendations on skincare and beauty products, expert opinions on appliances or cars, how-to listicles on mundane things around the house, milestone information for mom to be’s and first-time mothers, and so on.


There are many more niche topics covered across various blogs and the number is ever-increasing. The market has been in high demand for bloggers these days as companies tend to hire them for managing their business blog posts. Hence, this is the right time for anyone interested in this field to pursue creative writing courses in Singapore and try their luck in the job market.


Career Choices in Creative Writing


With the diversity in opportunities present for creative writers, there has been a surge in career opportunities being offered for creative writing courses in Singapore. The wide variations in positions available for a creative writer in Singapore span across industries and verticals. For better appreciation of the roles predominant in the job market is offered to individuals who have completed creative writing courses in Singapore varies through an array of positions like:


  • Creative Content Writer,
  • Content Writer In Beauty Industry,
  • Copywriter,
  • Technical Writer,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Curriculum Developer (Mathematics),
  • Digital Marketing Associate (Performance Marketing),
  • Marketing Executive (Content Writer),
  • Social Media Copywriter,
  • Creative Copywriter,
  • Creative Digital Content Executive,
  • Marketing & Content Writer,
  • Creative Copywriter,
  • Communication Executive (Content Writer),
  • Social Media Content Writer,
  • Contract Blog Writer,
  • Creative Contents Creator ( Research Writer),
  • Creative Content Writer,
  • Content Writer.


Apart from the list of roles mentioned, there is also a volley of freelance creative writers in Singapore actively pursuing their careers and profession in this field. Having understood the what and why of creative writing, let us dig deep to understand the how of the subject and from where to get the required knowledge.


Creative Writing Courses in Singapore


Singapore is a global hub for many multinational companies indulging in cut-throat competition across the marketplace. Amidst such high valued competitive market, there is bound to be a wide buffet of career choices to pick from. But more than that, one must do thorough research and be meticulous enough to pick up the right skills required to pursue your aspirational career choice or land a position in your dream company.


By now the reader must have had a fair idea of the huge potential for creative writers in the job market in Singapore. Many world-class institutes are offering creative writing courses in Singapore. The courses range from a long-term bachelor’s degree to a short diploma course or 2-day workshop. Let us look at the options given below and understand in-depth the different creative writing courses in Singapore, their prerequisites, and other details.


Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Singapore


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills has been one of the pioneers in providing quality-oriented writing skills along with hands-on experience in the form of an excellent course along with a 3-month internship, where the learner gets a chance to write for reputed news portals and other renowned platforms in the market.


They also lend a helping hand for placements. In short, they take care of the learners from end to end, right from the time of admission until the learner is confident to be on his own, either as a freelancer or in pursuing a career in writing. Their Content Writing Course is an excellent choice for learners to learn a variety of writing skills.


Unlike many other online institutes selling content writing courses, this one tops the list for many reasons, such as personal attention to each learner by the trainers through live-interactive online sessions, quick to address the issues faced by learners, trying to make the course interactive and easy to understand so that irrespective of the background of the learner everyone can find a constructive takeaway from the course.



The course has structured modules that are unmatched by other competitors in the industry. The institute has trained around 6000+ students across the globe and the numbers are still rising as you read this article. The institute promises lifetime access to its learners. For more details regarding the course, please visit their course landing page.


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2. Creative Writing, NTU


The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is one of the finest universities in Singapore offering world-class teaching on various subjects. Their creative writing course is considered to be one of the best on-campus curricula among creative writing courses in Singapore. The university offers creative writing courses for undergraduate and graduate programs. The USP of these courses is being handled by accomplished and established writers who have authored and published a considerable number of books to their fame.


The Two Courses Offered:


  • Minor in Creative Writing

This course is available for any undergraduate student who is passionate about pursuing an interest in creative writing. To complete the course, one needs to undergo five courses comprising one compulsory paper and four electives. The course includes regular assessments and offers students a chance to attend a workshop on creative writing which would further widen their horizons on the subject.


  • Graduate Programs in Creative Writing

This comprises of Master of Arts degree in English and a Ph.D. in English, both of which require a subsequent number of courses to complete along with a presentation of a thesis with a stipulated number of words as mentioned in the guidelines.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. Asia Creative Writing Programme


This is a one-of-its-kind program run by the National Arts Council in collaboration with Scholl of Humanities, Nanyang Technical University. The USP of the program is spearheaded and led by visiting writers across the globe who handhold the learners through the requisite skills and practical knowledge required for becoming ace creative writers.


This program intends to nurture writers at different stages of their career paths. The team of experts assists the students with the most updated creative writing techniques so that they can find the process easy and interesting. If you are struggling with writing and crafting unique ideas then you should give this course a try.


4. Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore


This is a 1.5-year full-time program, offered by Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore. The USP of the course is its holistic curriculum structure, amalgamating all forms of creative writing into the curriculum to give the confidence and the necessary skills to the learner to be ready to publish their first book or first article even before they finish the course.


This 1.5-year long program trains you in the in-depth of each writing genre to make you a professional writer. At the end of the program, will be ready to call yourself a successful author as they make sure to nurture the abilities of each writer in every possible way. No doubt, it is one of the best creative writing courses in Singapore.


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5. Coursera


This site provides a wide array of courses related to creative writing from different universities ranging from beginner level to professional level. Many of the courses are free and some are paid as well. All the courses are self-paced and can be completed at the convenience of the learner. All courses require assessments to be complimented for earning the completion certificate.


6. Udemy


Similar to Coursera, this platform also provides a variety of lessons on creative writing, being offered by different universities. All courses are self-paced with the requirement of completing assessments to earn the completion certificate. This platform offers various courses on writing hosted by different authors.


The best part of the platform is all the courses touch upon important aspects of the subject yet videos are of short duration and hence the entire course could be completed within a week. All courses are self-paced and provide excellent training. A number of students enroll in their courses every month to get an overview of their domains. You can also become a skilled writer by enrolling in their courses.


7. Henry Harvin


This is the next best choice for pursuing a course in content writing.  The institute offers a variety of courses apart from content writing. Their content writing course is considered the next best option in the industry. The institute promises to giveaway 9 courses clubbed into the structure of this single course.


They teach around 30 types of content writing styles along with two-way live sessions, Bootcamp, internships, and projects for practical experience. The institute assures learners of 1-year placement assistance support after the end of the course. Apart from this, the institute also provides various add-on tools and software to the learners.


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Tips to Become a Good Creative Writer


Step 1 :

Try to explore and find your writing style.


Step 2:

Once you have decided on your writing style, think about what you would like to write.


Step 3:

Get into a habit of freewriting. Set up a schedule to write a few lines daily. Once you get yourself into the habit of writing, after some time, writing will come naturally to you.


Step 4:

Start your day by writing clear and simple sentences which are precise as well as easy to understand. O. Practice the habit of writing paragraphs of at least 10-15 lines in one go. Likewise, keep pushing your limits until you can write at least 2-3 pages in a day.


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Tip: You can start by maintaining  a journal mentioning all the happenings throughout the day


Step 5:

Once you get comfortable and habituated with the art of writing daily, now you can focus on writing something in your chosen genre or writing style. You may either do some reading of other authors writing the same style for some inspiration before starting your ideation or start right away if you are already very creative.


Step 6:

While working on your writing, there might be a situation when you face writer’s block and are not able to think of anything creative. This is a normal phenomenon every writer goes through and you’re not alone in this. To help you cope with this, you must get yourself enrolled in forums or communities where like-minded people with similar interests meet, discuss, and help each other out.


Step 7:

One essential thing to remember is, that for being a good writer, one must not stop being imaginative in creating the craft. Hence, keep reading different genres and different authors to stir up your creativity, but also learn to explore your environment and take cues from it to put that into your writing.


Step 8:

In case you find it difficult to start your journey, do not worry. There are various creative writing courses in Singapore. You can select from any one of the courses mentioned in this article depending on your time, budget, and comfort.


The above information gives a detailed review of the creative writing courses in Singapore focusing on learners aspiring for a career in the field. These are the best courses for people who would want to go through proper training for a better understanding of the subject or to take up creative writing as a hobby.




1. What are the basics needed to become a creative writer?

The basic prerequisite to becoming a creative writer is to have the passion to become one. Other skills which could be of help like good communication skills, better grammar and sentence formation, creative ideation of a situation, etc. People who are not very good with their writing skills but are passionate to be creative writers can take up a course on the subject and start their journey as a writer.


2. Can I become a creative writer by taking up creative writing courses in Singapore?

Most creative writing courses in Singapore are conducted by experts in the subject and are prepared in a structured way to provide the learner with the requisite knowledge to brush their skills, prepare them better with observation and ideation skills, deal with writer’s block, provide hands-on experience on the subject, etc. Hence, taking up a course to follow your passion is highly advisable.


3. What are the career options for a creative writer?

There are a variety of career opportunities for a creative writer like content writing, copywriting, technical writing services, writing for publishing houses, public relations agencies, advertising agencies, marketing companies, blogging, screenwriting, etc. One can also aspire to become a freelance creative writer.


4. Are there any good institutes offering creative writing courses in Singapore?

The present article discusses in detail offline as well as online institutes of repute, offering creative writing courses in Singapore. Although, IIM Skills is the best choice one can make for skill development.


5. How much is the starting salary for creative writers in Singapore?

The income of a creative writer in Singapore ranges from a minimum salary of 3,030 SGD per month to a maximum of 8,480 SGD per month, depending on the particular job profile.