Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Switzerland

Investing is a crucial step that one can take to ensure their future in this shifting circumstance. It may sound simple, but an investor should get complete guidance to get the best out of it. To make the process clear and simple, investment bankers are there who put their knowledge and guide the investor with the best interest. With the increasing number of investors in the market, the profession called Investment Banking is shining high. Looking at the needs of the professionals, it comes in the most preferred jobs with the highest pay. People with an interest in this domain must check out the below-listed investment banking courses in Switzerland.

List of best investment banking courses in Switzerland

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The Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Switzerland



IIM SKILLS is a leading online education platform popular for serving a diverse range of educational courses in areas such as digital marketing, content writing, investment banking, and many other high-quality courses concentrated on various pragmatic skills.

It is an education platform that stands out for its constructive, industry-oriented modules designed by industry experts. The education platform stresses primary experience, mentorship, and live projects, ensuring all-inclusive skill development.



IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course intends to empower individuals and professionals by providing them with the essential knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s competitive investment banking job market.

It is an A-rated learning platform not only for freshers but for professionals as well. The institute not only provides one of the best Investment banking courses in the world. Their dedication to serving nothing but the best is what makes them different. Now let’s dig into the details of the course:


Course Name: Investment Banking Master Course

Duration: 3 months + 1 Month Internship

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Perks of joining the course

  • Courses designed by experts in the industry
  • Practical learning approach
  • LMS support
  • Lifetime access
  • Experienced mentors and instructors
  • Flexible learning
  • Certification on successful completion
  • Job assistance
  • Opportunity to connect with the community of like-minded people
  • Continual updates
  • Cost-effective learning
  • Diverse course offering
  • 3-month guaranteed internship


What you will get to learn in the course

  • Practical use of Microsoft applications in industry
  • Fundamentals of financial system and market
  • Derivative market
  • Technical investment marketing
  • Different marketing collaterals
  • Technical financial modeling
  • Business valuation

Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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2.   University of Zurich

If we talk about investment banking, then Zurich is a place that hardly needs any kind of explanation. Zurich may not be as glamorous as New York or London, but it is surely one of the top destinations for someone who wants to make a career not only in investment banking but in finance in general.

The University of Zurich was founded in 1833 and is one of the best and most prestigious universities in Switzerland. This university has a splendid past of academic eminence and is regularly ranked among the top universities in the world.

The University of Zurich is also known as one of the best universities for research programs, not only nationally but internationally as well. It is home to a copious number of research centers and institutes devoted to enriching expertise in various disciplines.

The University of Zurich is an attractive destination for all students around the world. It cherishes a global perspective and heartens international exchange programs.

The University of Zurich encourages interdisciplinary experimentation and collaboration that allows students to leave no stone unturned in research and tackle international challenges.

Now let’s look into the details of the course:

Course name

  • Bachelor in Finance and Banking

With a bachelor’s degree, one can gain foundational knowledge of economics, banking, corporate finance, financial economics, and quantitative and sustainable finance.


  • Master in finance and banking

With a master’s degree, one can gain prominent expertise in the various domains of finance and banking.

Duration of the course

  • BA in finance and banking: 2 years (there will be approximately 6 semesters).
  • MA in finance and banking: 3 years

Fee structure

  • The annual tuition fee to pursue the Finance and Banking course at UZH is approximately $1900.

Perks of joining the course

  • Academic excellence
  • Diversified study programs
  • International environment
  • Campus facility
  • Research opportunities
  • Supportive environment
  • Extracurricular activities and student clubs to develop investment banking skills and connections among students.
  • Offers one of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland.


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3.   University of Geneva

The University of Geneva, mostly cited as ‘UNIGE’, is a reputable institution located in Geneva, Switzerland. The University of Geneva was founded in 1559 and is one of the most primeval and extolled universities in Switzerland. The university is best known for its strong attention to research and scholarship, offering a wide range of academic programs like humanities, social science, and many others.

The University of Geneva is also referred to as the ‘capital of peace’ because of its various international organizations and diplomatically adroit missions. The University of Geneva is popular for its international relations and research related to these fields.


Geneva is a multilingual city, which makes it easy for international students to survive. It’s a hub for students and scholars interested in international relations, but it’s not the only field that attracts students across the world; it also offers one of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland.

Let’s go through the other important details of the course given below:

Name of the course

Masters of Advanced Studies in Finance (MAS)


  • Full-time course: over 1 year
  • Part-time course: over 2 years

The fee structures

900 CHF per year, which is approximately 997 USD.

Perks of joining the course

  • Academic perfection
  • Global environment
  • Convenient research facilities
  • Provide different types of internships and networking opportunities.
  • It is a multilingual city, which offers an opportunity to become skilled in many languages.
  • The strong connection of the university with international organizations provides a great opportunity for students to network.
  • Scholarships and financial aid
  • The university’s alumni network is huge and includes influential personalities in numerous fields.


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4.   Swiss Finance Institute

The Swiss Finance Institute is a notorious academic and research organization specializing in finance in Switzerland. It plays a critical role in enriching financial education in the country. The Swiss Finance Institute is devoted to providing high-quality education and guidance in finance. The institute is earnestly involved in vanguard financial research.

It supports and conducts research in diverse areas of finance, such as asset management, risk management, financial markets, banking, etc. The Swiss Finance Institute has precise significance for risk management, which is a critical facet of the financial industry.

Given Switzerland’s prominence in the fintech industry, the Swiss Finance Industry is involved in research and education related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech innovations, contributing to Switzerland’s position as a fintech hub.


The Swiss Finance Institute acts as a bridge between academia and the financial industry, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange among academics, practitioners, and policymakers.

It hosts conferences, seminars, and workshops to foster networking and collaboration within the finance community. SFI offers one of the best investment courses in Switzerland. Other essential details related to the course are mentioned below:

Name of the course

  • Bachelor’s course: Foundations in Financial Economics
  • Masters course: Masters in Finance


  • Bachelor’s course: 14 weeks
  • Masters: 2 years (approx.)

Fee structure

Approximately 600 USD per semester

Perks of joining the course

  • High quality of education
  • Specialization in the finance sector
  • Active engagement in Vanguard financial research
  • The Swiss Finance Institute encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in the finance sector.
  • Great engagement with fintech and emerging technologies.
  • The institute works as a bridge between academia and the finance industry.
  • SFI hosts conferences, workshops, and more such events to offer a platform for students to learn and share their knowledge with the finance industry.
  • The reputation and global engagement of the university can be advantageous for great career opportunities.
  • Offers one of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland.

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5.   ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich, also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is one of the world’s preeminent universities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

ETH Zurich is renowned for its excellence in engineering and technology. Its engineering programs persistently rank among the best in the world. The university is a hub for vanguard scientific research.

It eclipses in areas like physics, chemistry, biology, and material science. With a strong emphasis on mathematics and computer science, ETH Zurich is the focus of computational and analytical sciences.

ETH Zurich encourages a civilization of innovation and entrepreneurship. It supports new establishments and spin-offs, providing resources and collateral, advising, and programs to help students and researchers bring their intelligence to the market.

ETH Zurich’s devotion to academic virtue, research innovation, and commitment to addressing global challenges positions it as a forefront institution in STEM fields and beyond.


Its influence spans different sectors, making the university a globally recognized and respected university in the whole world. Important details of one of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland are mentioned below:

Name of the course

Master of Science at UZH-ETH in Quantitative Finance


1.5 years

Special requirement

A university’s bachelor’s degree in finance

Fee structure

1672 USD per year (approx.)

Perks of joining the course

  • Quality of life
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Great alumni network
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Multicultural setting
  • The institute encourages interdisciplinary associations.
  • Great industry connection
  • The best investment banking courses in Switzerland include other financial and scientific courses.
  • One of the world’s leading universities is popular for its adamant programs, academic greatness, and high-quality education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

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6.   University of Lausanne

The University of Lausanne (UNIL) is recognized for its all-inclusive academic programs and steady research initiatives. The University of Lausanne is acclaimed for its research and study in life science, specifically in departments such as biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, and medicine.

The proficiency of the institute in public health is conspicuous by the existence of experimentation programs and initiatives predetermined to address global health challenges. The University of Lausanne collaborates with different departments and universities to stimulate innovative approaches to complex problems. The University of Lausanne has a strong global network, attracting students and researchers from diverse backgrounds.

This international outlook enhances the academic environment and promotes cultural exchange. The University of Lausanne’s commitment to the best quality education, research perfection, and its input into numerous fields of study position it as a respected institution nationally as well as globally. Now let’s look into the other details related to the course mentioned below:

Name of the course

Masters in Finance


2 years

Fee structure

590 USD per semester

Perks of joining the course

  • Great devotion to research and innovation
  • Excellent academic programs
  • Excels in life sciences and medicine
  • Language and cultural educational programs
  • Sustainability and environmental experiments
  • Networking opportunities
  • Great facilities and resources


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7.   University of St. Gallen

The University of St. Gallen (HSG), mostly known as “Switzerland’s Harvard of the Alps”, is in the mainstream for its utmost devotion to business, economics, law, and social sciences.

The university is exceptionally well-identified for its business programs, which include plenty of disciplines such as finance, accounting, marketing, and strategy. It put forth high-quality education and research in business administration.

The University of St. Gallen is devoted to raising awareness of economic principles, economic policies, and global economic trends. HSG presents programs and research in international affairs, political science, and global governance. It furnishes an understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and global political issues.

The University of St. Gallen has a well-deserved reputation in finance and banking education and analysis. It presents programs devoted to financial markets, investment banking, and financial analysis.

The University of St. Gallen encourages an integrative path to problem-solving and education, promoting collaborations across different fields and disciplines. The details that you need to know about one of the popular investment banking courses in Switzerland are mentioned below:

Name of the course

Masters in banking and finance


18 months

Fee structure

  • USD 1600 per year for local students
  • USD 3700 per year for international students

Perks of joining the Investment Banking Courses in Switzerland

  • Top-quality education in business and economics
  • Reputation and international recognition
  • Strong industry links and networking opportunities
  • Focus on entrepreneurship and modernization
  • Strong alumni networks
  • Advanced research facility


8.   Coursera

Coursera is one of the best and most popular online learning platforms that offers a large variety of courses, specializations, and degree programs. To provide education in various fields if it collaborates with popular universities and institutes all around the world.

Coursera offers a vast variety of courses such as business, finance, computer science, data science, personal development, social science, health, and many more.

These courses are taught by professors and instructors from famous institutes and universities around the world. Coursera offers courses that can be accessed from any corner of the world with an internet connection.

This facility makes learning easy for working professionals. One can learn a variety of courses at their own pace from anywhere and anytime. Coursera not only offers short-term courses but also serves specializations, which are a bunch of courses that focus on a particular topic.

Coursera also provides degree courses through partnerships with various universities. As the period of the course increases, it also needs a good amount of focus and commitment from the student.

The course era’s collaboration with popular institutes and universities assures the quality of education they provide. Courses in this era generally include video lectures, quizzes, peer-graded assessments, and student forums for discussion.

After the completion of the course, the course era provides a certificate of completion, which one can add to their resume or LinkedIn profile to showcase their skills to the community.

Coursera also provides a few free courses in almost every field so that one can explore different fields without any financial barriers. Course Era also provides financial aid to students who cannot afford the course fee. With lifetime access, one can review and refresh their knowledge whenever needed.

Coursera provides a large number of courses, among which investment banking is one of the best. It provides one of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland. Let’s look at the details of the course:

Name of the course

Investment banking course


It depends on the chosen institute, but in general:

  • For basics: a few weeks
  • For certification: 3–10 months
  • For degrees: 1.5–3 years

Fee structure

Certification is available for courses lasting at least 3 to 6 months.

Perks of joining the Investment Banking Courses in Switzerland

  • Adjustable learning
  • Quality content
  • Specially designed knowledge
  • Connection to industry experts
  • Certification
  • Cost-effective learning
  • Constructive application
  • Global accessibility
  • Advancement in a career
  • Self-paced learning

Content of the course

  • Financial Reporting
  • Managerial accounting and control
  • Corporate tax strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Operational risk
  • Risk management
  • Leadership and management


9.   Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a large variety of courses in different subjects and fields. Udemy was introduced to the public in 2010, and now it has become one of the best online learning platforms, providing numerous courses to millions of people around the world. Udemy hosts courses in many fields, such as technology, marketing, business, finance, personal development, language learning, and many more.

Udemy provides more than 150,000 courses in different fields that are taught by the best instructors around the world. Udemy offers the course with pre-recorded video lectures, which help students access them from anywhere, at any time, at their convenience. Udemy offers a pay-per-course option for students who want to learn specific things about the field. It often gives discounts to the students; some courses are even available for free.

The instructors at the university are from different parts of the world, which offers a variety of perspectives to the students. Every course on Udemy comes with reviews and ratings of the existing ex-students, which give an idea of the study program and the instructor’s performance.

It also helps the students choose to enroll in the course after getting a complete idea of the course and instructor from the experience of others. The platform provides one of the best courses in investment banking in Switzerland and around the world. The details of the course are mentioned below, which you may need to note:

Name of the course

Investment banking


3 hours to 17+ hours (on-demand videos)

Fee structure

From 12 USD to 84 USD

Perks of joining the Investment Banking Courses in Switzerland

  • Cost-effective learning
  • Practical approach
  • Diverse course options
  • Student reviews and ratings
  • Self-paced learning
  • Availability of a certificate of completion
  • Quality content
  • Global accessibility
  • Lifetime access to study material
  • Supportive community

What will you learn in the course?

  • Building financial models from scratch
  • Have solid financial and business brilliance.
  • Drawing the IPO timetable
  • Mechanics of a Bond serving
  • Understanding asset management services
  • Calculating a company’s cost of debt, cost of equity, and WACC
  • Building valuation models (DCF, LBO, and multiples)
  • Identifying successful M&A transactions


10.  New York Institute of Finance

The New York Institute of Finance was founded in 1922 and is now an extremely reputed and popular institute for finance, business, and related fields for students as well as the education sector.

NYIF offers the best courses in finance, business, investment, financial analysis, and many more. It is situated in the heart of the global financial hub, New York City, which helps the institute gain recognition in the financial sector.

The primary focus of the institute is on practical and career-oriented educational programs. NYIF encourages practical and real-world education so that students can use the knowledge gained directly in their professional lives.

The institute also provides corporate training and regularly gets into partnerships with recognized institutes and universities to provide more professional and skilled education and training to students all over the world.

NYIF provides one of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland and the essential details regarding the course are pointed out below:

Name of the course

Investment banking certification online


70 hours

Fee structure

990 USD

Perks of joining the Investment Banking Courses in Switzerland

  • Industry Credibility
  • Expert mentors
  • Tailored curriculum
  • Great networking opportunity
  • Global Recognition
  • Access to resources for the study
  • Career services and support
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Certification available
  • Continued education opportunity
  • Flexible payment options
  • One of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland

What will you learn in the course?

  • Financial management
  • Key financial statement
  • Budgeting for managers
  • Risk analysis
  • Valuation
  • Statistics
  • Regression analysis
  • Free cash flow modeling
  • Essential career skills for investment banking and finance
  • Fundamentals of the securities industry
  • Equities
  • Bond risks
  • Fixed-income securities
  • Derivative instruments
  • Corporate finance
  • Capital budgeting
  • Business valuation
  • Corporate credit analysis
  • Risk management
  • Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds
  • Wealth management
  • M&A concepts


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is investment banking?

Ans: Investment banking is a special service in the banking process that helps an individual or organization raise capital or provide financial advice. Zurich and Geneva are known as the hubs of finance and banking therefore universities or institutes from there provide some of the best investment banking courses in Switzerland.

2. How to become a professional investment banker?

Ans: To become a professional investment banker, one has to follow some steps, which are:

  • Complete higher secondary education with more than 50% marks from a recognized board.
  • Get a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate from a reputed university.
  • Do an internship to get experience in the practical world.
  • Get a job and shine bright as an investment banker.

3. What is the career scope after opting for investment banking?

Ans: After doing the investment banking course, one can pursue a career in wealth management, venture capital, consultation, commercial banking entrepreneurship, etc.

4. What is the average salary of investment bankers in Switzerland and globally?

Ans: Investment bankers get paid CHF 1,59,208 per year, which is 176107.93 USD, and globally, it ranges from 50000 USD to 1000000 USD.

5. Is investment banking a good career option?

Ans: Investment banking is an excellent career choice as it not only offers a good salary but also offers job security. With great dedication and commitment, this career choice can be proven to be greatly rewarding and fulfilling.


Investment banking is a great career option and plays a very crucial role in the banking system as well. To become a professional investment banker, one needs to get the appropriate knowledge about investment banking, and for that, one needs to enroll yourself in an effective course. To help you in finding that effective course we have enlisted the top 10 investment banking courses in Switzerland including online platforms. Every career choice is good until you put in the required effort to make the choice great. Wishing you a bright future ahead.