Best Scrum and Product Management Courses to Learn

We all know how these software-based companies have dominated the industry for years now by introducing this revolutionary software, applications, solutions, and more. Well, the software companies are able to scale only be In the last couple of years, the IT industry has expanded like none other, and that’s exactly where the need to learn skills like SCRUM and Kanban for agile product development. 


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According to a survey, the demand for SCRUM Masters has grown over 24% in the last few years and has resulted in extraordinary base salaries for similar job roles. It has also been observed that there is a good rise in the number of students and professionals interested in learning such skills in product development and management.


There are several courses, workshops, and training programs that offer SCRUM skill training for students and professionals in agile software product development and management. Some of these courses have received outstanding attention and response from students and professionals making them one of the best selling and highest rated courses of all time.


A good percentage of students were able to start their career in Agile product development only after completing this training and they recommend these courses as the best and most beneficial courses to learn SCRUM.




If you’re reading this, most probably you are someone who is already into the software development industry or aspires to be one of them. In case, you are fresh and have little or no idea about it, no worries, the article contains every detail you’ll need to know about Agile software development and SCRUM.

















This list of best SCRUM courses to learn this year has been derived considering student’s response, ratings, reviews, and testimonials as the parameters to judge the quality of the courses. 


Let’s learn about each of these courses in detail: 






The course is offered by the University of Alberta through Coursera, which is one of the leading providers of many such professional courses. This specialization course is actually a series of 6 courses that guide the learners about Agile software development practices, SCRUM, Project, and Product Management.


The second course of this series, SOFTWARE PROCESSES AND AGILE PRACTICES focuses more on SCRUM, however, enrolling in any of the 6 courses will get the learner access to all other courses in the specialization.


The course syllabus consists of 4 modules, each to be covered in a week of time:


  • Introduction to Processes


  • Process Models 
  • Agile Practices
  • Other Practices




The 3rd module of the course provides detailed insights into the topic of SCRUM and extreme programming.


The course instructor Kenny Wong has trained over 190,000+ learners through 10 computer science courses. The course has received tremendous response from the students and learners, and the reviews suggest that this course is one of the best SCRUM and Agile Software Development Courses.


Key Highlights of this Course:


  • Around 31% of all the learners were able to start a new career after completing the course and around 15% got either a pay increase or promotion.


  • The students will learn the ability to distinguish between different process models for organizing software production.


  • Learn the applicability of process models for software development projects.


  • The learners can reset deadlines according to their schedules to completely go through the course with their pace of understanding.


Duration of Course: Self Paced


Course Ratings: 4.7 of 5 stars


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The agile management with SCRUM 2021 course on Udemy is offered by Omni Academy. The course is one of the best-selling SCRUM courses out there and has received a wonderful response from the students.


Apart from just Agile Management through SCRUM, the students are also provided with 3 extra courses on leadership, GTD- a personal productivity technique, and Negotiation Skills. 


The course consists of 5 modules which primarily focus on teaching agile methodologies while the rest on planning and execution:


  • Basic Concepts


  • Traditional Project Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Which Way to Go: Traditional or Agile?
  • The Skeleton and Heart of SCRUM




Omni academy has so far covered training of more than 100,000 students through 5 of their courses on Udemy, and this specific one is led by two very incredibly talented instructors Gustavo Farias and Mirko Perkusich. The course resources include 50 articles, 11 downloadable resources, and 2 practice tests. 


Key Highlights of this Course:


  • 7+ hours of on-demand video


  • Full Lifetime Access


  • 2 Practice Tests


  • Course Accessible Through Mobile Phones and Laptops


  • Certificate Upon Completion


  • Tools and Templates that Students Can Use on Their Companies 


  • Particular Mentoring Session for an Hour at 50% off


Duration of the Course: Self Paced 


Course Ratings: 4.7 of 5 stars


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The “agile business analysis and study guide” is one of the highest-rated SCRUM courses on Udemy which provides deep insights into agile methodologies. The course is very relevant for those preparing for IIBA-AAC certification.


The course provides clear ideas about the foundation of agile delivery and the students learn the real principles of agile analysis. Various aspects of  Agile analysis are provided through this course such as strategy, initiative, and delivery.


8 of the Modules are focused on Agile methodologies, while there are 2 additional modules to guide students through practices questions and final words of the instructors:


  • Agile Analysis Overview


  • Into Agile
  • Strategy Horizon
  • Techniques on Strategy Horizon
  • Initiative Horizon
  • Delivery Horizon
  • Techniques on Delivery Horizon




The course is fairly suitable for SCRUM Masters and Agile Practitioners. The course instructors Igor Arkhipov is among the best trainers in this industry with more than 6700 students trained through 3 of his courses.


Key Highlights of this Course:


  • 5 hours of on-demand video


  • 10 articles


  • 9 downloadable resources


  • 1 practice test


  • Lifetimes access to the course


  • Assignments


  • Certification on Completion


Course Duration: Self Paced


Course Ratings: 4.7 of 5 stars


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The course is offered by the University of Maryland through Edx, one of the leading providers of professional courses from all genres and subjects. This is a part of the Agile Project Managementprogram which is a 5-course combo.


It specifically focuses on the SCRUM techniques used and the Agile methodologies around it. However, students are given the choice to enroll as many individuals courses in the combo program or to take the full program as per their requirements.


This course contains very detailed analogies and theories allowing students to learn how agile is being used to conduct case studies, traditional methods of audit, and also how to run a SCRUM team for speed, innovation, leadership, and control.


This course offers 4 modules through a set of 4 weeks, each to be covered over a period of 1 week, however, there is no time restriction to this as the course is self-paced and students can complete it according to their schedule flexibility:


  • Why Agile Methods Are Used


  • How SCRUM Agile Fits Into the World of Work
  • How SCRUM is Performed and Executed
  • What SCRUM Looks Like at Scale




The course is led by instructor John Johnson and has received a tremendous response so far, with more than 52,000 students getting benefits from this course.


Key Highlights of this Course:


  • Case studies and proofs on why agile works better


  • Use of agile-based on stakeholders and engineering


  • SCRUM team makeup, user story writing, sprint planning, execution, and retro


  • Alternatives of SCRUM


Course Duration: Self Paced


Ratings: 4.5 of 5 stars


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This SCRUM course is offered by Boston University through Edx, which offers thousands of professional courses. It is a part of the digital product management micro masters program and aims to introduce students to the framework for decision making based on both economical and organizational considerations.


The students enrolling in the course are recommended to have basic mathematical knowledge such as algebra, marketing, and management concepts and software engineering concepts.


Learners in this course will get to learn a variety of subjects starting from product line planning and road mapping alternatives, Idea generation, and customer need assessment, Alternative approaches for agile, and a lot more.


It is a 6 module course with a primary focus on agile methodologies:


  • Product Management ABCD


  • Envisioning Products and Leveraging Organizational Processes
  • Requirements, MVP and the Evolution of Products
  • Development Iterations and Go To Market Efforts
  • Systems Thinking
  • PM Career Paths




The course has received an incredible response from the learners with great reviews and testimonials. This course is led by instructors Nitin R. Joglekar and Varun Nagraj.


Key Highlights of this Course:


  • Only 4 to 8 hours of effort required per week


  • English Transcripts


  • CLPC based innovation


  • Digital Product


  • Survey


Course Duration: Self Paced


Course Ratings: 4.5 of 5 stars


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This product management course is offered by the University of Washington through Edx, a platform that offers thousands of professional courses. The course covers some of the very interesting and important subjects like the relationship among projects, programs, and portfolios.


It also covers organizational culture and project management roles, project management methods, and lifecycles and their applications. 


The course has 4 modules:


  • Project and Program Management in IT


  • IT Project Lifecycles and PM Frameworks
  • Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Culture
  • Project and Program Management Roles in IT




This course has been widely accepted and appreciated by over 17,000 learners across the web. The course is led by the instructor, Debra Hilderbrand.


Key Highlights of The Course:


  • 2 to 5 hours of effort per week


  • Basic level course


  • Analysis of project management roles


  • Understanding why project management is used to deliver business value


Course Duration: Self Paced


Course Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


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The above mentioned were some of the highest-rated and best selling SCRUM and Product Management Courses available. 


For those into software industry or IT, might have a clear or vague idea about these subject but those who are fresh and have little or no knowledge about the topics, here is what you need to know about SCRUM:


  • What is SCRUM? 


Before we proceed, we need to know what SCRUM really means. Well, SCRUM is basically a framework that allows teams usually consisting of less than 10 people to work on the development and management of a product.


The teams later breakdown their ultimate goals into sets of micro-tasks which they work on for a particular amount of time, and that time bracket for each micro-task is called a sprint.


  • Career Opportunities in SCRUM?


As mentioned earlier in this article, the people who have the skill of SCRUM can become professional SCRUM Masters and product managers. The SCRUM masters are heavily in demand as the software industry expands and there is a good requirement for people with skills of such importance. 


The salaries of SCRUM Masters are quite decent, in fact really good. And in the last 3 years, there has been a steep hike in the demand for SCRUM masters.


Important Concepts in SCRUM?


If you’re someone aspiring to have a career in the software or IT industry as a SCRUM Master or a product developer or manager, here are the key areas of focus:



  • Sprints: The short period of time in which a SCRUM team tries and completed a limited set of jobs.



  • Ceremonies: Meetings where the SCRUM team, developers, and product owners discuss product goals and developments.



  • Backlog: It is the task that is to be done on priority based on the roadmap of step by step product development.



Well, these were some details about the best SCRUM courses to learn in 2021 and for the aspiring SCRUM Masters, Product Developers, Product Managers, Agile Coaches, and others who are interested.